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The company is composed of 4 major departments.

At DPS, we provide enterprise reporting solutions for businesses to enable companies to access, analyze, report and share their data. Our solutions is programmed to make such communications fast and sure, thus help companies to turn their stored data into useful, actionable information and deliver it to decision makers throughout an organization.


Research and Development
R&D The growth of DPS is generated by a strong commitment to Research and Development (R&D). Our R&D team aims to keep the system up-to-date and cope with the latest changes of the industry. Growth is marked by new products and services, and even expanding into new areas that are built upon our existing technologies. They ensures our software are of excellent performance and our customers are working in a trouble-free environment.

This is how DPS evolved. From our first software made primarily for the garment industry, we developed solutions applicable to other industries.

Our Support extends to every phase of our operation, both on technical basis and documentations. As the software itself is tailor-made to suit the system of each company, it promotes efficient flow of existing operations. At the earliest stage, we provide site visits to evaluate clientsˇ¦ situation. Users are also provided with Intensive training to ensure basic knowledge on the application of the software.

After complete installation, a 2-week real data test ensures hands-on practices for users and a smooth operation in the working environment.

We also provide six-month free telephone hotline and an online contact to solve queries as soon as possible.


Sales and Customer Services
Sales and Customer Services DPS's view of customer relationship is shaped by our basic belief to work with our clients as partners. Our commitment to customers extends from quality products to services in every phase of our operations. It is our fundamental goal to build a positive, long-term relationship with our customers. To achieve this goal, we provide helpful and effective responses to customer needs and concerns, and commit to generate quality products and services.


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